If you are looking for the maps, GPX files, the Knowledge Base, Installation Instructions, etc.
then you want my Shop site instead of this one!

You are probably here as the current maps that you have (or that came supplied with your device) are not detailed enough for your needs, or other maps offered by Garmin are too expensive and/or a fixed resolution, or maybe you want some advice from someone that actually understands the mapping options and Garmin devices available?

You are in the right place!

We create, compile, and offer maps for almost every country, region, state,
province and federal district across the globe, for most Garmin devices!

The quickest way to find what you are looking for on our sites
is via the Interactive Map Selector page,

simply answer a few questions and you will be taken to the correct part of the shop site, or other site or page.

We now offer over 390 Automatic Download maps (not including the FREE & Sample ones). All the maps are updated at least once a month (British Isles, every week).

If we don't seem to offer a map for a country, island, region. etc. that you are looking for, please ask, as we can do maps for almost anywhere...

All the maps offered on various Talkytoaster websites are based on data from multiple sources, including OSM and NASA.

Details and links to the maps I offer can be found via the links below (the tables show all the options for each region include live links to the correct part of the shop):

  • Maps of British Isles & Ireland offered. This includes my FREE downloadable Standard British Isles maps for use on a Garmin GPS, and versions for direct use on a Mac or PC in BaseCamp and MapSource. My more detailed TT HD Topo style versions of these maps are available for purchase, including DEM versions!

Maps for ALL other countries/regions, etc. in my TT HD Topo style are only available for purchase.

I offer two styles of maps:

TT HD Topo
This one mimics the Garmin Discoverer (OS 1:50K Landranger) map but is based on OSM data. This map is recommended for walkers, cyclists and geocachers. It is not suitable for use as a sat-nav on roads as the routing is significantly different as it will route down footpaths, bridleways and other tracks as well as roads.

This map style offers the highest level of detail of my OSM based maps, often showing detail (where mapped) that would be only found on 1:25K or higher resolution maps. This includes field boundaries, benches, stiles, gates, water points, etc.

The TT HD Topo are only available for purchase or via a subscription.

You can see examples of how the maps look on my site here and here.

A small sample map for the  TT HD Topo map is available in the Automatic Download section of the shop so that you can see the level of detail and quality of the map before purchasing a full map or buying a subscription.

I offer the TT HD Topo map style (including maps for other countries) on pre-loaded and tested MicroSD cards, I can also install maps on your own MicoSD card, or supply maps as electronic downloads (for self install)

The subscription site is for those that want to have regular updates to my TT HD Topo style maps. More details on the subscription service and subscription options can be found here.

TT Standard Map (TT-STD)
These are my standard road routable OSM based maps. This can be used for road navigation but only routes to street level (not Post Code).

I offer a FREE version of my map for a number of countries, in this style, via the shop site, these can be found here, maps for other countries, and more detailed maps (TT HD Topo versions) are available for purchase.

If you want maps for road-routing for other countries/regions/states/provinces, etc., please contact me, as I can produce them as needed. These would be considered custom/bespoke maps, and priced accordingly.

If you are looking to purchase a Garmin device, OS Maps, or anything other than the maps I offer, you can use the search box below:


Curious about the person behind this site and many of the things offered here? If so, then this is the link you want.

You can also discuss the maps and find out when the latest versions are released by following me on twitter.

Martin (Talkytoaster)

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