2018 Statistics Infographic

Yes, it is that time of year again, when I look back at the previous year and crunch numbers to produce an Infographic that shows the top 5 of the most requested maps for the USA, Canada and the Rest of the World, as well as the Top 10 most popular GPS devices that those requesting maps, own.

I recently crunched the data from orders received during 2018. This shows what maps were most requested, individual countries as well as individual US states and Canadian provinces.

The most interesting data from 2018 for me was that showing the most popular Garmin devices that my customers used, with the Fenix 5x (and the Fenix 5 Plus, 5s Plus, 5x Plus, Descent Mk1, D2 Charlie and Tactix Charlie) leading the pack with a whopping 46 percent of those placing orders for maps, owning one. To put this in to perspective, in 2017 the Fenix 5x was also number one, but with only 22 percent of the pie!

You can see the info-graphic full-size by simply clicking on the graphic to the left of this text.

This is an amazing statistic as it shows that smart watches with GPS and map support is not only viable and usable, but also how many people are now using these devices (rather than hand-held devices); from the average person, through those that track their fitness and health (sleep, calories, heart-rate, stress, steps, stairs, other activity, etc.) to those that compete professionally or regularly in ultra events (races, rides, etc.)

You can see the top data in the info-graphic on the left of this text. For those that would like to see the full data-set and results, you can find them by clicking on the link below.

For those of you that are interested in statistics, I have pulled together the data so that you can see which of my maps (both countries/regions, US states and Canadian provinces) were the most requested during 2018, the full data can be found here.

So, what will 2019 bring? Will we see more of a shift towards smart GPS watches (even further than we saw in 2018), or will we see the increased use of smartphones using OruxMaps (on Android) that works fine with my maps?

Your feedback and comments are most welcome!

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