Contour and other Style Changes (TT HD Topo)

I have had a number of requests to change the way the contours are drawn on my maps; most have requested that they are changed to brown/beige and both the Major and Intermediate contour lines should be solid lines.

That change has now been completed and tested, and a number of other changes have been made too, including:

  • Removal of planned roads/tunnels (not needed)
  • Removal of construction roads (not needed)
  • Nature Reserves, the polygon has been reworked to just NR
  • Added national park, areas of outstanding natural beauty, national nature reserve, etc. boundaries
  • A number of other minor tweaks to further improve the readability of the maps

Here are a few screen shots, old vs new:

Current (old) version of contours style and Nature Reserve markup…

Current (new) version of contours style and Nature Reserve markup…

And finally new version of the map style with new contours and boundary markup for an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty:

These have been tested on a number of Garmin units, both handheld and smartwatches and they display fine.

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