My name is Martin Overton and I’m also Talkytoaster and run this site and compile all the maps I offer here.

My youth was spent in the great outdoors, hiking, cycling, fishing, etc. I was a member of the Cubs and Scouts and have been using maps and compasses all my life. Frequently walking up to 30 miles at a time including up mountains and hills (and down again). I’ve climbed Snowdon, Scafell Pike, Slieve Donard and Ben Nevis (in the UK) and Carauntoohil in Ireland, Saleve in France (just outside of Geneva, Switzerland) as well as regularly walking the North and South Downs in the South of England and the Downs on the Isle of Wight (including the Tennyson Trail). I have plans to do others, when time and funds allow.

In the last 32 years this has included many countries outside the UK, such as Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Malta, Turkey, Netherlands (although not much in the way of hills and mountains there!), Canada and the US too.

I have been offering maps for Garmin devices since early 2008 shortly after I became involved in Geocaching and purchased my first proper Garmin GPS (a Garmin Legend Hcx), the rest, as they say, is history.

I’ve used my own maps all over the world and on many Garmin devices I’ve owned over the years. The maps are done in my “spare” time as I have a demanding day job; details below:

I worked in computer security for over 32 years…as a deep techie, you have been warned! I worked in malware/anti-malware/security research as well ethical hacking, computer forensics and consulting.

My interest and involvement in viruses/anti-virus and computer security started in 1988. My work in this area included the virus protection/strategy for a large UK Insurer for which I proposed a multi-layered and multi-level strategy for combating viruses. I also setup and maintained their Intranet virus/hoax site and was the recognised expert for the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa for them.

The next role I had was as an ethical hacker (white-hat) and then I also got involved with digital forensics and built and ran a forensics team and service across EMEA often dealing with customers that had been hacked, infected or had their systems defaced, held to ransom or DDoSed (knocked over by a constant flood of rogue network traffic).

My last role was for a major international insurance company as a Cyber Risk Subject Matter Expert. This means that I covered not only malicious software and mitigating tools and methodologies but also related security threats such as phishing, scams, hoaxes, spyware and so on both from a prevention/detection side, but also from a risk perspective. This included lots of conference presentations, round-tables, panel sessions, papers and also creating and delivering training (for both technical staff and underwriters/brokers). Part of this role was business development, including finding new vendors (to be business partners), I also assisted marketing and claims.

Furthermore, I run a number of early warning systems; IDS, honeypots, lures and other traps for malware, spyware, spam, phishing and other types of prevalent scams. Details on some of these can be found in a number of my published papers and articles in the ‘Publications’ section of this site.

I was a regular speaker at the Virus Bulletin International Conferences [since 1996], the EICAR International Conferences [since 2004]  and I also presented at CompSec in 1999. I have also given presentations for the CIB (Chartered Institute of Banking), ISACA, etc. Since 1999 I also become a (regular-ish) contributor to the Virus Bulletin periodical. I am also a WildList Reporter, and a Charter Member of AVIEN.

Twice a year I also lectured on computer security threats at one of the major UK Universities (University of Warwick). I have also lecture at other UK universities from time to time, including, Loughborough, Lancaster, Cambridge, UCL, etc.

My hobbies, when time allows, include geocaching, hiking and reading (mainly science fiction and science/technology books) I also used to keep a number of bugs (tarantulas and, scorpions); I was a member of the British Tarantula Society with three articles published in the BTS societies’ journal). If this doesn’t mark me as being weird enough, I also like snakes (having owned a Californian Kingsnake). I also try to play the guitar, usually badly! 

The name Talkytoaster is my Geocaching handle/pseudonym, and yes it comes from the infamous character in Red Dwarf (Talkie Toaster)…

P.S. Questions about the meaning of life, moon landings, extra terrestrial life, deities, and so on, or the spontaneous teleportation of socks and other clothing by washing machines (aka trans-dimensional portals) will not be accepted, sorry! Same goes for bread products, waffles, etc. 😉

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