My name is Martin Overton and I work in malware/anti-malware research as well ethical hacking, computer forensics and consulting. 

My interest and involvement in viruses/anti-virus and computer security started in 1989. My work in this area included the virus protection/strategy for a large UK Insurer for which I proposed a multi-layered and multi-level strategy for combating viruses. I also setup and maintained their Intranet virus/hoax site and was the recognised expert for the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa for them.

I currently work for a major international insurance company as a Cyber Risk Subject Matter Expert. This means that I cover not only malicious software and mitigating tools and methodologies but also related security threats such as phishing, scams, hoaxes, spyware and so on both from a prevention/detection side, but also from a risk perspective.

Furthermore, I run a number of early warning systems; IDS, honeypots, lures and other traps for malware, spyware, spam, phishing and other types of prevalent scams. Details on some of these can be found in a number of my published papers and articles in the ‘Publications’ section of this site.

I am a regular speaker at the Virus Bulletin International Conferences [since 1996], the EICAR International Conferences [since 2004]  and I also presented at CompSec in 1999. I have also given presentations for the CIB (Chartered Institute of Banking), ISACA, etc. Since 1999 I’ve also become a (regular-ish) contributor to the Virus Bulletin periodical. I am also a WildList Reporter, a Charter Member of AVIEN as well as a member of APWG.

Twice a year I also lecture on computer security threats at one of the major UK Universities.

My hobbies, when time allows, include geocaching, hiking and reading (mainly science fiction and science/technology books) I also keep a number of bugs (tarantulas and, scorpions); I’m a member of the British Tarantula Society with three articles published in the BTS societies’ journal). If this doesn’t mark me as being weird enough, I also like snakes (owning a Californian Kingsnake). I also try to play the guitar, usually badly! 

 My Other Sites and Blogs

  • MoMusings Blog [My main blog which covers all thing computer security related]

  • VSUB Blog [My blog which details new malware samples that I’ve found]

  • Arachnophiliac.info [My site all about Tarantulas, Scorpions and Snakes!]

  • Cluestick.info [My site dedicated to hoaxes, urban legends, etc.]



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