Intergalatic Maps


New offering from Talkytoaster….

Fully routable intergalactic maps, this is a major new offering that has taken an aeon to put together…

So, if you want to go to Neverland, no longer do you have to turn right at the first star and fly on until morning, the new routable map will guide you all the way with turn by turn instructions and even voice prompts (voice overs by Darth Vader or Yoda, you choose).

Never been to the belt of Orion, the Crab Nebula, or the far reaches of the Milky Way, explored Mars or a Galaxy bar…

Now the universe is yours to explore. Think of the possibilities….geocaches on comets, planets and even dwarf planets, hiking Mount Olympus on Mars, Skiing on Europa (the famous ice moon of Jupiter), exploring the jungles of Endor, hiking the burning deserts of Vulcan…..the possibilities are endless!

Oh yes, and you can even travel through time!

Want to see the big bang for yourself, the formation of earth, the first life on earth and whether aliens really started life by leaving a used and badly soiled towel on some volcanic fumarole…well now you can!

Oh, the price?

A small price, just  99 Qaudrillion Pounds and 99p, what a bargain, eh?

  • This unique offer is only available on the 1st April and only to those that can prove citizenship of the small port town of Polar Foil on the planet APF2021 .
  • Time machine and intergalactic transport not included, you need your own craft with an Improbability Drive, Faster than light engine or a TARDIS or suitably outfitted Delorean (Flux Capacitor model with optional Mr Fusion).