Unsolicited Testimonials and Feedback

Feedback and Testimonials – All Genuine and not asked for!

“I have to say your map is excellent, I have the Garmin 1:50k and yours is far better.”

“You are doing great job and I’m the one who should thank YOU. I only regret I spent so much money for Garmin maps.”

“What a great service.”

“The new footpath enabled maps are brilliant. I have used for many trips now and they give me the chance to to route on the go.”

“So impressed my husband has now sent you a donation for the same thing…”

“Fantastic, thank you so much!”

“Thank you for the excellent service – worked first time. As a novice/newcomer to GPS this is much appreciated. “

“I have downloaded and installed your British Isles Map (With Contours) – Routable. It’s stunning in the level of details and accuracy etc.”

“Thanks for a very prompt service.”

“Maps have arrived. Excellent, just what I wanted and they loaded and displayed without issue.”

“I got the card in great time, loaded it and it works spot on, no problems.”

“I received the package with my maps on my SD card today, installed it and all is fine! I am enormously excited and grateful!”

“Received the card and it works just great. Thanks again.”

“Many thanks for your brilliant service- I have downloaded and used your British Isles Map recently while on a hiking holiday in Snowdonia on my Garmin eTrex 20- it worked absolutely perfect, all the paths were there with contours, fantastic!”

“Many thanks for your very prompt service”

“Thanks for all the work on these maps.”

“We really appreciate your hard work and the great maps.”

“One very happy bunny here – thanks again Martin.”

“Thanks as always for giving us superb free maps.”

“Thanks for this BRILLIANT service you make to geocachers in the UK/Eire.”

“Used them in Paris over the weekend on the disc you did for me way back. They worked very well.”

“I’ve been using you maps for a while now, and think they’re great.”

“Thanks for the MapSets and please keep up the good work.”

“They arrived this morning, and were loaded into my Garmin Dakota 20. I turned the unit on, and hey presto, there they were.”

“Keep it up mate you do a BRILLIANT service for geocaching.”

“Thanks for all the hard work. I wish I’d known about this before I purchased the Europe mapset from Garmin.”

“These maps came in very useful when I was in Ireland and more recently the Isle Of Man as my Tomtom had neither country on it.”

“Thanks for all the time you put into compiling these maps. As a noob who wanted to get some kind of map onto his GPSr without paying sky high prices I really appreciate all you have done.”

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