How To Install The Map


Simply download the file you are interested in [which is a zip file], unzip it, and save the unzipped file as GMAPSUPP.IMG (this rename step is only required for older Garmin devices, such as Legend, Vista and GPSMap60 models) and then upload it to your Garmin [make sure you have sufficient storage space first].  If you don’t have a program to handle/unzip ZIP files I would recommend 7Zip which is available FREE from here:

To upload/install one of the map files to your Garmin GPSr, you can either used Sendmap [available from here ] or if you have a later model which uses MicroSD cards you can either load them directly on the card, or by using the direct USB Mass Storage mode found in any of the HCX or equivalent models. In this case just place the GMAPSUPP.IMG or the original IMG file supplied in the folder named GARMIN.

Please note: Uploading the GMAPSUPP.IMG to your Garmin GPSr [or MicroSD card] will overwrite any existing mapset you have installed on the device using the same name. This should not effect the basemap that came pre-installed on the GPSr.

Even better, watch the relevant installation video below:

If you have any problems installing the map file or are unsure of how to do some of the steps then take a look at the FAQ here. I also offer a service to do this for you on a MicroSD or SD card that you supply, or if you prefer, I can supply a pre-loaded 8GB, 16GB or 32GB MicroSD or SD card, see point 5 in the FAQ for full details.

Very Important:
Please ensure that you only have ONE of my contours maps (Standard or TT
1:50K) on the internal memory and/or a MicroSD card at a time as
otherwise your Garmin may fail to boot.

If you are installing an updated version  of the map, you MUST remove the older version as otherwise you may have issues and the Garmin may fail to boot. There is no reason to keep older versions on the Garmin or MicroSD card, if you wish to keep the older version, simply copy them to a suitable folder on your PC or Mac.

Please note: The newer Garmin Nuvi devices may use a directory called MAP rather than GARMIN to store other maps in (such as the ones I offer here).

Please note: Only the newer Garmin devices support cards up to 32GB (they will NOT support 64GB or larger cards). Older Garmin devices will usually support up to 8GB cards (with the latest firmware installed).

I try and compile new versions of these maps between every 1 to 2 weeks, however, I can only do this if I have some spare time as they require a lot of work to download the tiles, sort them out [and split them, in some cases], compile them into the relevant GMAPSUPP.IMG files and then test them to ensure that they are complete and functional on both a computer and my GPSr.

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