New Style Additions

As of the 17th of May, 2021 the British Isles TT HD Topo and TT HD Topo Pro maps now also show the following data (where it exists in the raw OSM data):

  • Ridges
  • Aretes
  • Cairns

You can see some example screen shots below that show these new additions:

First one is of Ben Nevis showing the new Aretes, Ridges and Cairns, as well as the exiting Cliffs, Bare Rock, Scree, etc.

First second one is of Helvellyn showing the new Aretes and Ridges (Striding and Swirral Edge).

The look of the polygon used for Fells has also been changed, both for aesthetic reasons, and also to make this markup render cleaner on Fenix devices.

All other maps will have this updated style added to them by no later than the 5th of June.

These are the latest additions to what are considered the most detailed off-road maps based on data from OSM. These are specifically designed for Hikers, Mountaineers, Mountain Bikers, Fell Runners, Ultra Athletes, Military Personnel, Horse Riders, Hunters, etc.