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This is the subscription service site for the TT 1:50K Look n Feel[*] map sets that I compile for use with Garmin GPS devices.

The maps do not come in the traditional paper based scales of 1:50,000 or 1:25,000 as they are dynamic; the more you zoom in the more detail is shown (until it all appears).

They mimic the look and feel of the Garmin Discoverer maps, but do not suffer from the jaggy display issues found with those maps when you zoom in.

The TT 1:50K Look n Feel maps offered here also include data (where mapped) that would normally only be found 1:25K maps, such as field boundaries, walls, hedges, etc.

Details on how to purchase the subscription which will give you access to the material on this site, can be found here.

The maps look like this [1]:

[1] on Oregon, GPSMap62, Dakota, Etrex 20/30, Montana, Monterra, etc. Older models such as Etrex Vista and Legend Hcx/Hx/Cx, GPSMap60Csx, etc. look different, but still work fine and show the same level of detail.

The maps are based on OSM raw map data, I add the contour data (from NASA) and the TT 1:50K Look n Feel[*] rendering. The resulting final map contains copyrighted material (that I created and own).

They are also available for BaseCamp and MapSource on both PC and Mac. This allows creating routes/tracks, etc. for upload to the GPS device. See below:


You can find a video I created showing the TT 1:50K map (Snowdonia) at different zoom levels, here.

The use of these maps are only in agreement of my license and only for personal use. You are not allowed to sell, re-sell or give away copies without my express written approval.

The full license agreement is included with the map file. You agree to be bound by this license as a condition of your use of the maps and this site.

Only registered subscription users can access the maps, each subscriber gets a unique user ID and password sent to them to allow access to the protected sections of this site. This is valid for the subscription period purchased from the date of the account being created, after the subscription payment has been received.

The map is also available on a pre-loaded and tested MicroSD card for those that want a simple plug and play solution for their compatible Garmin GPS device. Please see my order page here for details and pricing. I do offer maps in the same style for other countries too!

You can also discuss the maps and find out when the latest versions are released by joining my Facebook group.

All IP addresses and accesses are logged for each account. This service was put in place to attempt to stop the theft of my copyrighted material, which was then being sold on eBay and at car-boot sales. This type of activity is not licensed or allowed by the terms of use I include with all map downloads; those responsible are breaking the law and risking the continuation of this project.

Subscriptions for maps of other countries are now available as are multiple country subscriptions. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Countries currently offered (both as individual and multi-country subscriptions):

GPS and BaseCamp versions for PC or Mac
British Isles (including ALL of Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Isles, etc.)

GPS versions only

Areas currently offered:

GPS and BaseCamp versions for PC or Mac

Countries currently planned to be offered:
Andorra, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand

These other countries/areas  are also available as one-off purchases, either as electronic downloads or on pre-loaded MicroSD cards. These can be ordered via the order page here.

Please contact me if you are interested in other countries or bundles.

Over 5 years of effort has gone into producing maps to the quality they are now. Please don’t abuse this work.

These are not OS maps, they do not use data from Ordnance Survey and the maps offered via this site are not affiliated in any way with them. The use of the terms OS and Landranger is for descriptive purposes only and fully acknowledges that
these terms are owned by Ordnance Survey.
The same applies to Garmin and Discoverer as being terms owned by Garmin.

If you want the Official Garmin Discoverer OS 1:50K maps they can be purchased via my shop (driven by Amazon) here.

[*]Trade Mark