Amazing maps and support

I received my Garmin Fenix 5X two days ago and required a better mapping system (with contours) than the base maps supplied. Having watched the tutorials I started the process of downloading the free UK mapping from Talkytoaster as I was not prepared to pay an additional £200 for the OS maps which unlike the Talkytoaster maps are not vector graphics (image gets better and more detailed as you zoom in).

As a soldier I’m not that great with IT but having sent an email to Martin he went above and beyond offering support and advice even to the point of explaining step by step detail on what buttons to press on the 5X once the map was uploaded.

I can not thank Martin enough for his amazing maps but more importantly the level of expert advice and support he offered. Once the mapping was tested I immediately sent a donation of £50.

If you’re heading up into the hills and mountains, seriously why would you not use this mapping. I am now going to advance to the Look & Feel mapping as I am so impressed. All within 48hrs!

THANK YOU Martin for what you are providing to the mountaineering community.